Staro Rīga Light Festival 2018にてインスタレーション作品を展示

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stardust memories

11/16から11/19にかけてラトビアの首都リガで開催される「Staro Rīga Light Festival 2018」にてインスタレーション作品を展示いたします。

今年で独立100周年となるラトビアでは、”Up rose the Castle of Light”をテーマに様々な光のアート作品が展示されます。

また、本プログラムは、共益財団法人 野村財団より一部助成を受けています。

The light festival “Staro Riga 2018” will be held on 16th November to 19th November at Riga, Latvia.
We will participate in this festival and install new artwork. Please visit the venue with your friends!

■ Staro Rīga Light Festival 2018


Yuki Anai is a Japanese artist working with sound, lighting, sensing technology. He was born in Oita, Japan, 1987. Completed Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University. He was worked at teamLab for seven years, engaged on set up art and product team. After graduated he started own company that focused on consulting a space design of lighting. His inspiration for artworks come from nature's messages. For example, "A Seashore" express light fluctuation like a surface of a sea. “in the rain” express potential of rain, it works as communication media of us. He got many prizes of award: "Ah" got a Grand Prize of Asia Digital Award 2012, "ChAir" got Best Award of Smart Illumination Award 2012, teamLab Hanger got a Prize of 14th Japan Media Art Festival(as teamLab), etc.