Signs at Nakanojo Biennale 2019 Prelude from Yuki Anai(rin1024) on Vimeo.

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しかし高度に “見える化” された現代においては、何かを注意深く観察し、想像する必要性は少なくなったように思う。


Since ancient times, people have lived with the signs of beasts and disasters.
Their insights came to the creation of being necessary for people’s progress, for example God or spirit.

However in the modern world, many things are “visualized”, and it seems that the opportunity to feel signs has decreased.

Therefore, we decided to make an experiment to make “Signs”
at This brewery trace that people created delicate taste feeling the work of microorganisms.

■ Credit
Concept: Yuki Anai & Kentaro Tetsuka
Structure Design: Kentaro Tetsuka
Hardware & Software Design: Yuki Anai

■ Exhibitions
– 中之条ビエンナーレ2019 プレリュード展
2019.05.02 – 05.06